Mandatory self-promotion

I guess we all have to spend some time doing self-promotion. In a reasoning similar to Lars Von Trier’s Dogville, not doing self-promotion would mean that I consider myself above this, that would be very arrogant.

Hence this humble WordPress website.

The more concrete motivation is that I’m sending out an internship offer. The offer will look more serious if my company URL points to something with basic information.

I’ll have to refresh my LinkedIn page also, brrr. On my current LinkedIn profile photo, we can see my little girl when she was 5 months old. She’s now 8. Ouch!

I have been surfing the web for 22 years, writing software for 14 years and using Gmail for 10 years. I was the first Mathieu Lamarre on Gmail. After all these years, I have near zero web footprint because:

  • My opinions are completely subsumed in articles I read;
  • I’m objectively boring to the general public;
  • Most importantly: I worked under NDA for most of my career.


I won’t fix the first two points but I should make an effort to share some pieces of technical work that may be of educational value when I have the chance to work outside an NDA.



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